Thursday, February 11, 2016

More about Over-The-Air Digital TV

Tom in New York asks, "How many channels can you get?" That depends on the local area you are in, of course. Here, with basic rabbit ears as an antenna, I get six channels. You should go onto Google and do a search for over-the-air digital TV in your own area. There's also information available about how to build your own simple antenna. It doesn't have to be fancy, and the good news is, it either works perfectly, or probably not at all, or you will see "drop-outs" like with a faulty DVD. Generally speaking, the reception is better than you have been getting on your cable or satellite network. Here's an example of an air signal using rabbit ears here this morning....

As you will probably agree, this is a sharper and more detailed image than the usual satellite (analog) picture, and it's a freebie, and quite legal, and shows really good detail.

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  1. We shouldn´t have taken down our old roof-top antennas after all....