Monday, February 22, 2016

More "Oldest Living Blogger"....

That was my first "handle" on the first community blogging site I joined here years ago. It's now defunct because the latest owners haven't been maintaining it like it requires.

I made this latest set of images for Windows Themes, in case my grandchildren Emily, Logan, and Zakk might like them. And if they have any requests, for other ones, just let me know. 

I like Facebook, and most of the people who comment on it, but I'm really getting tired of all those idiotic statements being made by Republicans on there who are pretending to run for election. Many of them have been bought by the Koch brothers or the big corporations like Lockheed Martin, which has its tentacles in at least twelve federal government departments, and contributes to the re-election campaigns of Congressmen, Senators and especially those on the Defense Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee, because they know which side their bread is buttered on. 

And as we're seeing, government by the paid minions of billionaires hasn't been working out worth a damn. I wish I could convince our American neighbors to try harder to take back their government from those special interests which are now in control. Democracy isn't really a democracy if it is just a puppet show with billionaires pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

And the NRA and its skillful manipulators have to go too. They have carefully and purposely taken the Second Amendment, and bent it all out shape to the point where it is practically unrecognizable. It was never intended to authorize just any damned fool to run around loose with an assault weapon or any other. When that Second Amendment was written, the newly-formed nation needed a means of protecting itself against a possible invasion by British or French forces who in those days were fighting over possession of the whole of North America. 

The technology of the times only provided guns which were single-shot muzzle loaders, which required time to reload. So the government authorized everyone to have one, so that they could muster a sufficient number in case of attack, and would have enough so that some could be shooting while others were busy reloading. They could not foresee a situation like today, because the first repeating weapon wasn't invented until 44 years later when Samuel Colt patented his famous six-shooter revolver. Americans need to do more homework on their Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and stop believing the NRA.

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