Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More "This and That" - a potpourri, s'il vous plaît.

I was watching a movie last night on Vumoo, while in bed, and fell asleep with my glasses on. I woke up this morning with the glasses still on, wondering how the movie ended.....

I love swashbucklers, and this one swashes and buckles with the best of them. And I can remember when Antonio Banderas was the sexiest man alive, and Salma Hayek, who voices Kitty Softpaws, is still one of the sexiest women alive. It has a great cast. Too bad I fell asleep. But I can always watch it again...

Moving along here, yesterday, while I was trying to make that New Year greeting for our Chinese friends, I made an interesting discovery. If you want to paste one image inside another, Gimp 2 can do this.

Just copy the image to your clipboard, and then select Edit > Paste Into, which will let you paste it into the image already showing in the program. You can also drag the new addition to whatever location within the larger image you wish. And that's your Windows 'Tip of the Day' for today. And if you have Gimp 2 and Paint.NET then you probably don't need Photoshop. And both are freebies and they work fine in Windows 10. Incidentally, Gimp is the image editor used with Linux Mint, so if you're dual-booting Linux Mint with Windows 10, like I do, then you already will be familiar with it. It isn't terribly user-friendly, but it has a wonderful selection of various options, such as this feature mentioned above. And you really should try it.

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