Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Still learning Linux Mint.....

Today I discovered the way to turn on slideshows for the desktop wallpaper, and now I see where it is even easier than it is in Windows, especially Windows 10, which is confusing when compared to previous ones.

You can choose any image folder on your computer and add it to the choices, or you can remove any just as easily, using the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the left column. It's actually more convenient than Microsoft's version.

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  1. Thanks for sharing useful information about different operating systems.
    I´m using Mac OS Yosemite, but spouse is using Windows 10 on her laptop, as you might have learned from my previous comments. Well, Win 10 is behaving well, after having been stripped of all its (or MS´s) noseyness. So we aren´t really considering a change. Still, we are interested how other operationg systems would do the job of controlling her laptop.

    Have a good rest of the winter, Ray. It´s still pretty ugly over here: wet, cold and cold, wet. Still, the Spring is coming soon!