Sunday, February 14, 2016

The antenna that is working for me is my own home-built.

This isn't a very informative look at it, because it is sandwiched between these two sheets of corrugated plastic board behind the poster. It is made of the now old-fashioned twinlead TV antenna wire, arranged like a smaller version of one of those big old outdoor TV antennas that used to be on our rooftops. Mine was originally made to bring in a favorite FM station from Seattle, Washington, which is about 150 miles away as the crow flies. It did that quite well, considering the signals had to come through all the other parts of the building to get to my antenna. So I've always known that it works. But I didn't know until a couple of days ago that it can also receive seven channels of digital TV.


  1. I ought to check mine as well. I might possibly get a few good tv programmes aired via good old antennas in today´s digitalised form. Thus I could circumvent (ie make obsolete) the very expensive cable tv....

  2. Oui, Monsieur -

    If you have an old pair of "rabbit ears", you can get
    free digital TV. You probably will not receive as many
    channels, but the pictures will be clear and sharp,
    and you won't be spending money for it.