Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TV or no TV?

Two days ago, I found a notice in the elevator saying our TV was being shut off on February 9th, because Shaw Direct was pulling our plug. We've had their half-assed service of seventy-two channels of crap for decades here. They suggested we sign up for their cable service once the satellite service stops.

They didn't even send out official notices, not even to my rental management company's office. When I contacted the girls there, they said I was one of only two people who let them know about it. So after I confirmed with them that it is about to happen whenever Shaw gets around to it, I decided to try something.

I got out an old pair of rabbit ears I've been saving, and switched the source of my signals from the building's feed to the rabbit ears antenna. Here's what kind of picture I'm getting....

....and this isn't costing me $40 a month, like the analog signals from Shaw, and this is a digital signal like I've never seen before around here. I should have got out the rabbit ears a long time ago!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent. Now that is a good news story!!!
    How many channels are available over the air?

    I have dropped cable TV altogether. I steam all my content through my Roku box. So far, we've been happy with it and it costs much less per month. Another benefit is that we watch a show when we want, not when the networks schedule them.