Sunday, March 20, 2016

Linux Mint - One-click icons for Reboot and Off (Shutdown)

It's the same idea we have been using in Windows, and it's a little different to do, but it works the very same way. One click on either one, and things happen. So now there's no more looking in Menu to find what I want to do. And there's lots of icons hidden away in Linux, once you discover where to look.

While I was doing this, I wondered "Why can't I convert Windows icons to use in Linux?" And the answer is, I can. There's a neat freebie program XnView that does batch converting of whole folders of icons from ".ico" to ".png" and that is all you need to do. Then all your favorite Windows icons can be used in Linux. So now I can use some of my own home-built icons in Linux as well as Windows.


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