Sunday, March 6, 2016

More this and that....

My friend Tom in New York sends along this item which gives us a look at some interesting wave patterns, using a metal plate and ordinary items. It's all about wave dynamics, but in a fun way.

And here's something that makes me think back to the Second World War and Hitler's famous stiff-arm salute.....

I'm having the greatest difficulty believing this is really happening in the 21st century, after all the horror stories we've seen and heard about the Nazis and totalitarianism. Have we learned nothing from the history of the past 80 years? Will we enslave ourselves to another loud-mouthed power-mad dictator? Are we really that stupid? Think about it - it's your ass I'm trying to save.


  1. Actually, I read in the paper the other day about people stating that if he gets elected, they'll going to move out of the country. There's a small town on the south coast of Nova Scotia (forgot it's name) that's actually inviting people up in the thought of them moving there.

    Personally Vancouver has better weather..


  2. Yes, Tom, I think you're right about our weather out here.
    This part of B.C. gets the mildest weather in Canada, and
    that's sometimes better than parts of the USA.

    Down here near sea level, the Rhodos and Daffodils are starting,
    yet up on the nearby mountains, 20 minutes away, there's still
    a 148-inch base on Cypress Mountain and spring skiing is still
    in full swing.