Sunday, March 20, 2016

Security protection for Linux Mint

Finding an antivirus for Linux that either isn't obsolete, useless, expensive or difficult to install and configure can be a frustrating problem. I'm using Bitdefender on Windows, so I looked at their Online Quick Scan, but it doesn't work in Linux. However, while there they suggested instead that I try their TrafficLight, which works in the Firefox browser....

You can access it and send them feedback using that little green "traffic light" second from the right in the search bar icons upper right. Configure it by clicking on the little green light, and choosing "settings" on its title bar. It works by catching things before they get in. And it seems like a great idea.

This is a look at what comes up when you click the little "traffic light" icon, and it works just as well in a Windows installation, because it is a browser add-on and independent of the operating system. But if you are dual-booting, you do need to install it in both systems browsers of course.

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