Saturday, April 23, 2016

Linux Mint 17.3 and Google Earth: "Yes, you can have it..."

Google Earth isn't normally available in the packages choices for Linux Mint, and doing your thing in Terminal (similar to Windows Powershell or Command Prompt) returns the information that it couldn't be found. So I'm feeling pretty smug just now, because I just installed Google Earth in my Linux Mint 17.3 "Cinnamon" and it's working just fine, thanks...

Actually, it's not a big deal - it just takes some googling to find the right set of scripts to use in Terminal to give it the right commands to hack the kernel so it goes in smoothly and works like 'downtown' after it gets there. And this is what I like about Linux - you can usually re-work it to customize it to your own liking, if you aren't entirely delighted with what comes out of the box from the factory. Where there's a will, there's usually a work-around. (Or hungry relatives!)

Moving along here, (may we?) under "Things I'd never know if I didn't fall asleep with the TV on and wake up with it still going at 5:00 a.m." - did you know that King Herod of Judea developed the Olympics in the Middle East? Yep! Honest! - I got this straight from "Joe" on "100 Huntley Street".  That's a TV home base for pseudo-religious con-artists pretending to be authentic Bible-punchers working, they say, for God. But stashing the profits for more earthly activities. At least, that's my impression, after watching the long, drawn out build-up for their charts from which to pick your own size of contributions to their cause. And what will you bet their "cause" is a work-avoidance scheme involving frequent trips out of town, to places known for tropical vacations or cosy back-country fishing lodges?


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