Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More This and That...

Last night's moon, through thin clouds, about ten in the evening. 

And here's tonight's moon, from Stellarium's enlarged view of it. It isn't quite at First Quarter. That's happening tomorrow evening just before midnight. I can't photograph it tonight, because it's overcast with a thunderstorm happening here just now. 

I had my Dodge Journey in for servicing today, to fix a couple of recall notices I got last fall. It wasn't anything serious, so I wasn't in any rush. While there, it got a regular lube job, and a wash, and they checked the battery for me because all my driving is very short trips and I wondered if it was getting enough recharging to keep it up. They say it is OK. Our shuttle driver, Doug, is back on the job again following some serious health problems, and we were glad to see other. He's 63 and I'm 83, so we had to compare notes on all that. Going to the garage for servicing these days is more like visiting friends. They take good care of me. And they are always impressed by the low mileage on my vehicle. I've had this one now just over a year, and it has the magnificent total of 1,185 kilometers on the odometer!

There was one bad note to all that though. Doug told me that the former owner, who had been very well liked by all of us, and who had sold the business to move back home to India, had suddenly died of a heart attack while in the midst of coming back here to Canada. He lived for years on the top floor of this building, and whenever we would meet in the lobby or the elevators, he always had a friendly smile and a cheery greeting for me. I'm saddened to learn that he is no longer with us. I never really understood why he decided to move back to India in the first place, and it seems he had second thoughts too. It's too bad because he was a really nice guy, and we all liked him very much.

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