Thursday, April 14, 2016

Trying to find my Crystal Ball...

I was trying to find out what's coming down the pipeline from Microsoft, and tuned into this weekly blab from these self-styled "experts", because it promised to give us the inside poop. They're babbling on and on about their kids and iPhones, and Cortana, and Echo, and voice-activated Apps, and after about half an hour, I said (censored) and got out. But don't let me discourage you.

And this is 'Echo', and artificial intelligence gizmo that works with other bots to help you get a life, using only your big mouth. And those "experts" say it's the wave of the future. Maybe they should get off the couch. And I never did find out what Microsoft is doing with Linux, which is what started this search in the first place. So I'll have to get back to you on that..... And I'd like to know these things because I'm a "Windows Insider" who is supposed to know. 

Why do I care? Because - I did a rant in Microsoft's 'Feedback' app a while back, about how quick and how easy and how well Linux boots, updates, and installs things, and suggested "Why can't we do that?" - And I think Satya and the folks in the back room may have actually read it, and decided to do something. It seems that way, from what I'm hearing. 

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