Friday, April 15, 2016

Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu....

Last blog, I was babbling on about "Wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft and Linux got together?" - Well, Sports Fans, they did, in this latest build 14316, and it's now possible to have Ubuntu inside your Windows.....

But...( there's almost-always a 'but')...there's no GUI - the graphical user interface of Ubuntu is disabled. And I know for sure, because I got into this CMD Prompt window as soon as I could, and used the right Linux commands to tell it to download one of Linux most popular Graphical User Interfaces, and it chugged along for about two and a half hours, importing massive amounts of data, but when it was all over, sure enough, error messages about being unable to start this, that, and the other, all of which was telling me "No user interface other than command-line texts." And you don't get very visually inspired that way. So I wasted an afternoon proving what I already suspected. Yes, we can run Ubuntu, but only in a non-graphic way. Which isn't my thing. So I had to spend more time getting rid of all that again, because there's no point using disc space on something that can't show me what I want to see.

This is the kind of stuff I spent the afternoon watching as it came in, only to discover it wasn't going to do a whole lot for me, except keep me watching for most of the afternoon. In an actual Linux installation, this stuff flies in almost at the speed of light. It doesn't take all afternoon. So Mighty Microsoft hasn't yet got what I was hoping for. And I really don't care, because I can get it faster from its own source. I wanted to see what this was like. Now I know. It isn't like Ubuntu is from its own home base, unfiltered through Microsoft's Windows 10. And that's for damned sure! So if you want Linux Ubuntu, or Linux Mint, get it from the original source, not an intermediary who has his own agenda and his own axe to grind. I suspected as much, but I wanted something to show you.

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