Thursday, April 21, 2016

Windows 10 Gadgets - The HUD Weather Gadget is Fixed

Some time ago, Yahoo changed its system for showing the location codes for this great Heads Up Display Weather Gadget, and we lost our ability to program the gadget to show the weather for our own locations. It kept saying "Check...." instead, and following the directions didn't help. 

It's now fixed, thanks to a dedicated user who has posted a URL in the Comments on the gadget's home page. You can download an updated version of it from that URL, and it works again. You can find it here -->

And if you're a "Windows Insider" running the latest Fast Ring release, which is Build # 14316, and you've seen a note saying your gadgets have been removed from this version, the answer is "not entirely". You can get 8GadgetPack to do a repair of itself, and all will be well. Or, if all else fails, reinstall it from its own home page,


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