Thursday, May 19, 2016

Completing my audio-visual setup, now it's on a digital antenna...

I had to do some tweaking, because I want it all..... I want the newer digital TV signals, but I also want to be able to use my old VCR to play old tapes, and my DVD player, to play DVDs. Because there's no use being wired, if you don't have all the toys included in the network. 

So I've added some quick-connect fittings to that set-top box, so that I can bypass that when playing old tapes into this monitor. This completes the setup. I've spliced in the VCR onto the cable of the antenna system, so that whenever I bypass the set-top box, I can get an old-fashioned analog signal from the VCR into the TV/PC monitor, and watch old VCR tapes on this 30-inch flat-screen. When I want to watch DVDs, those are connected to another TV-only set directly.

So now, I have TV and DVDs available on the main TV, and TV or PC available on one computer, and TV, VCR, and PC available on the other computer. And I can patch the computer sound into a second old stereo, if I want better sound. So the whole setup is now finished. I've got everything available and working again, and I'm doing it without any cable TV service. It's all my own system, and it works just fine. Live better electrically - do it yourself. Works for me.

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