Saturday, May 21, 2016

My re-worked entertainment system.....

Now that I've "cut the cord" from cable, and become totally reliant on my own air-signal antenna and its tangle of cables behind my old stereo rack, I've been experimenting with what I can do with it.
Since it's now all-digital, rather than the former analog-only signals we were getting from the building's cable network, I wondered if my old VCR could still play tapes through it to a digital TV, and the answer is "yes!". A recently purchased digital TV does detect the older analog signals from older equipment, and displays very sharp images of your dusty old "adults only" tapes from back around the turn of the century, when we were all afraid the world might be ending, and we wanted a last look at all that enhanced "T&A" then available on certain late-night channels.
I donated most of my tapes collection, a rather large box full, to a needy girl-watcher pal of mine who works on the maintenance crew for this complex. He said, "Ray, I'd have never believed you were such a connoisseur of feminine pulchritude!" I told him I spent one whole summer here dating one of the hottest looking strippers in town, and we went to places where the maitre de wouldn't dream of throwing us out for fear of disturbing the other guests. It was great fun! He said, "I married one of those once, and it was fantastic for the first six months, until we came to our senses."
Anyway, I discovered tonight that I could now hire out as a eunuch to someone with a harem. I started out to watch one of those old tapes that I hadn't given away, and those great plasticized bods looked absolutely wonderful, until I fell soundly asleep twenty minutes into a six-hour tape, and awoke just in time for the final happy ending of the last movie on it, and then watched it rewind. It's the best sleep I've had in days. Maybe I should do that more often. I slept like a baby for over five hours!

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