Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Windows 8 Theme: "Earthdawn"

How do you like it so far?

And by the way, if you, like many of us, are not all that anxious to be forced into accepting Windows 10, and are happy with what you have now, then here's the latest Windows Update that says it's for the good of the system, but in actual real life, it's another in the ongoing series of sly attempts to set you up for a massive download of four or five GBs of installation files for Wonderful Windows Ten, and so you should check your recent list of Updates for one with the following Knowledge Base Number = KB3150513. Choose to hide it, if you don't want your Processor going nuts for an hour or two while you're trying to get something else finished before you grow old.

Why am I suddenly bitching about Windows 10, you ask, after being one of its dedicated testers from November 15th, 2014, until this past week? Probably because I was patiently and almost quietly wishing and hoping for a really nice surprise in that newest Microsoft incarnation, which simply didn't really grab me all that much. Maybe I don't grab as easily as I once did, or maybe Windows 10 is simply a nice big fluffy pain in the ass, like Bob at the I.S.P. says it is. And Bob having been in the business since we quit removing our shoes & socks to count to twenty, and being almost never wrong, I have the greatest respect for his opinions. And I'm also tired of "monkey-wrenching" Windows 10 almost daily for hours at a time, just to keep up with those kids in the back room who keep playing with it for fun and profit. 

So I dumped it, re-formatted that partition, and dusted off my old original DVD for Windows 8 Pro, x64. Works for me... after 204 Updates over the better parts of two days, and then fluffing it out with the programs that I really want to use on here. It's like strolling down Memory Lane to October 26th, 2012, before we started getting those Updates for it every 6.3 days religiously ever since. When Satya Nadella says "Windows is a work in progress!" he means it. He means that all those jobs they shipped to "Ruddy Old Injah" are keeping thousands of barefoot, semi-starving Indians busy figuring out how to change it so these people in America will grow old waiting for the damned thing to get well enough done to be actually useful to the business community instead of just being a cute toy for the underemployed thumb-typers of the smartphone set. The problem being nothing's worth a damn unless it's more help than hindrance. 

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