Friday, May 6, 2016

Windows and I .....

After re-installing Win-10 for the umpteenth time yesterday, Microsoft asked in a little note how I liked the install process. So we had a little chat. I explained about Linux and Windows both wanting control of the Boot Sector, and problems this causes on my dual-booting setup. I also explained that I like Linux, but I want Windows because it runs programs not available in Linux, such as Irfan Skiljan's wonderful image-editing freebie, Irfanview, and of course Microsoft Research's Image Composite Editor, the absolute best panorama-maker in this half of the galaxy. And I have proof.... see?

What else can show you half the horizon without a flaw, and do it automatically without you fiddling for half an hour with a program like 'Hugin' or one of those others that frustrate the hell out of you? Survey says: "Nothing but I.C.E. from Microsoft Research."

I went on to explain that this shouldn't be a contest. Linux can open and work with files in the Windows section of this partitioned drive, but Windows can't yet read EXT4 formatting used by Linux, and I want it to be able to do that, so that I can use the Linux on one partition and the Windows on the other just like I would with the old Home Group working with two different computers filing systems. This is not impossible, and if these two systems could do a 'handshake' we would all benefit. Suddenly, the world of computer programs and their files would look a lot more useful and a lot more interesting.

So please, Satya - May I love my Windows on a machine with Linux? And use both systems interactively? Please? You can do this, I know. So please talk to the folks in the back room.... If you want a universal Windows, and I know you do, then this could be the next step, so let's go for it, shall we?

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