Monday, June 27, 2016

A little more "This and That" ....

This is a screenshot of a page from Facebook today, showing some of the things that can grab our attention, and get us involved. And it's very easy to get sucked in.... which isn't always a bad thing, unless you have other more urgent matters to attend to, like the rest of your daily life, for example.

Like most, possibly, I can easily spend too much time on Facebook, and not enough time doing the chores, or whatever. Then I suddenly realize the whole day's shot, and I haven't got anything done here. Sound familiar?

I'm following in the media all those often-overhyped stories of the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union ( a really dumb-assed idea! ) and also that ongoing circus which is the American Presidential Election Campaign. That whole scene is such a hotbed of intrigue I hardly know where to start in describing it. So many different special interests with so many different irons in the fire, so to speak, it's a wonder we haven't already seen the sequel to The American Revolution. 

Or maybe, that's what this is, in an evolved form, complicated by modern technology, oligarchs, double-dealing politicians, (otherwise known as two-faced lying bastards) and con-men frantically misinterpreting The Second Amendment, so they can get richer selling guns to people that don't need them, haven't got the maturity to use them responsibly, and haven't bothered to do their own homework about it.

I was recently told, on Facebook, by one of our American neighbors, that I should mind my own damned business and let them do their own thing. My position on that is that this is my business, because my country does most of its trading with our next door neighbors in the USA, and some of them own many of our major businesses here in Canada. And I don't want some crackpot like Trump screwing up a long and mostly friendly relationship, which could easily impact our jobs and economy. So I'm a 'shit-disturber' trying to influence the outcome of something that looks like a potentially gigantic 'fuck-up'. 

And it looks that way, to a large extent, because we've all become so dependent on our so-called "smart technology" we've forgotten how to think for ourselves, and quit playing those silly games on our phones or computers long enough to realize what's really coming down all around us, from the 'movers and shakers' out there. People in the U.K. last week are a classic example. They were paying such little attention to their own current affairs that they became involved in a voting process for something they had no idea might have such serious and long-lasting consequences. And when they woke up to realize they'd opened Pandora's Box and let out the evils of the world, except for Anticipation, they've suddenly begun howling for a 'do-over'. And it would seem a 'do-over' is most appropriate. I hope they get one. And soon!

And I hope our American neighbors are paying more attention to what's going on there. I hope they are diligently sorting out the facts from the manipulative BS, and I hope they remain mindful that it really is a "global village" these days, and we are all watching. And trying not to get all that bullshit stuck in our ears. Or anywhere else...

Pandora by John William Waterhouse

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