Saturday, June 18, 2016

Color me more intense....

This began life as a mild-mannered lightly-pastel background with unrealized possibilities. Now, it's got charisma.

I was fooling around with this while cooking one of those dinner-in-a-plastic-bag meals from the frozen section of the supermarket. The kind that says, "Open the bag and remove the pouch of sauce. Open that sauce pouch and discard its bag before cooking. Cook for the time shown for your microwave wattage, stirring halfway through." 

You get much better results if you: (1.) Boil the kettle; (2.) Place the contents of that sauce pouch in the center of a large Pyrex bowl, and (3.) cover with the evenly distributed frozen contents of that main bag. (4.) Add boiling water to just cover the frozen food in the bowl. (5.) Cook on high in your microwave for twice as long as the directions suggested, because God only knows how long that stuff has been freezer-dried on the shelf before you got to it. So it needs that extra water and additional cooking time to fluff it up and restore some semblance of edibility. (6.) Serve it up and enjoy! And it is a lot more enjoyable done my way.
(7.) = Optional:- Instead of covering the frozen food completely with boiling water, try substituting Tropicana Orange Juice for an entirely different flavor and aroma. It's really good!

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