Thursday, June 16, 2016

Follow-up on the recent snowstorm...

Here's what it looks like this morning up there in the hills....

These hilltops were virtually bare a couple of days ago - with just very slight traces of last winter's unmelted patches of ice. Now, there's more new stuff there.

And this is our present conditions, with a chilly 55 F. It's this warm in February here quite often.

Last evening, after I finally pried myself away from this infernal contraption and decided to get groceries, I did something I haven't done in over 18 months. I put on my long thermal snuggies, and before stepping out the door in my hoodie, I pulled on my favorite toque.

It's the first time in months and months that I've been really comfortable in our big air conditioned supermarket. So much so, that when I got to line-up at the check-out, I was relaxed enough to treat the kids to another lesson in Windows 10. One cute gal in the line behind me said, "I have Windows 10, but I need Microsoft Word." I replied, "No, Darling, you don't! You need LibreOffice. It does everything you can do with Microsoft's Office, it has just as many separate parts, and it works with Microsoft files, and here's the part you're going to love - it's absolutely free. All you have to do is download it and install it, and start to work."  She said, "Wow! I never heard of it!" And I said, "You have now, Darling, so try to remember to Google for it when you get home. It's one of the programs that are included in Linux Mint, but it also works in Windows, and you should try it." She said, "I certainly will, and Thank You!" The others in the line, as well as our cashier, were listening intently to this exchange, and wished me a very pleasant evening as I left.

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