Sunday, June 12, 2016

Peace at last!

Where this Komatsu backhoe sits, quietly today, being Sunday, there once was a nice older single-family home. Now, there's just a vanishing pile of rubble and broken concrete where it once stood. And someone with a lot more money than I've ever seen is soon going to be living in a new one there, probably with a back-breaking mortgage big enough to leave a guy like me gasping for breath. And until then, there's going to be very little "peace in the valley" with all that construction noise, and air hammer guns, and Skilsaws, and all like that. If you live long enough, you don't have to move to another city because you're bored with the one you're in. The one you began with is going to be totally unrecognizable by the time you're a few years away from dying, like me. But for today, it's blissfully peaceful, Thank God.

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