Thursday, June 16, 2016

Previous Posting (Continued) = LibreOffice in Windows

If you begin installing LibreOffice in Windows, and you suddenly get a pop-up from the Windows Operating System telling you that "Installation of this program has been blocked on this system", there's a work-around for that.

Go into your Command Prompt or (as above) Powershell, and open it as Administrator, and then enter the command shown in this illustration. Then, go to this website and follow his instructions for hacking your Registry to enable forcing Windows Installer .msi files to install on the system regardless of other restrictions. Because, after all, this is YOUR computer, not someone else's.....

And after you carefully follow the "How-To Geek's" directions, and go back into your Downloads folder for that download of LibreOffice, you can now right-click on it and then select "Open as Administrator" and it will now open and install and you will then see the following....

And you now have a complete fully-functional Office Suite installed on your computer.

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