Saturday, June 11, 2016

This and That, from Oldest Living Blogger...

I haven't been getting a lot done again today, because once again, Facebook got me. 

But the good news is, today's Facebook involves a lot of "back and forth" with a couple of very interesting guys, one in the U.K., and the other, I'm guessing, in perhaps Spain. We got kicking around "spirituality" - something we all seem interested in. Not one word about the U.S. election, and that's a very welcome break. I'm up to here with all of that. They spend so much time, money and effort on elections, they can't be bothered fixing what's wrong with the country. 

"So," you ask, "What is wrong with the country?" No, you don't! I'm not getting sucked into that whirlpool just now, thanks all the same. Maybe we can tackle that one tomorrow? Enjoy what's left of your day, night, or whatever, and "until next time".... 

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