Friday, July 8, 2016

A little more "Oldest Living Blogger".....

This is looking out my north window at about one-thirty in the morning, at the lights on West Vancouver, BC and the traces of light in the sky. The camera is a Nikon 'Coolpix' P510 set on 'Night Landscape'. When I edited it for size, I also sharpened it, and increased the Gamma from 1.00 to 2.00 to brighten the sky enough to define the horizon.

I've been spending perhaps too much time lately on Facebook. It's easy to do.... sometimes it seems almost addictive. Time really flies on there sometimes. I should get a timer and set it to sound an alarm after an hour or so.

And the next new version will be Build 14383. I'm on 14372 at the moment, and I haven't yet explored everything about it. Again, "too busy on Facebook".... have to change that. Except that Facebook is often a lot more interesting, and more "Now!".


  1. Ray, I'm sure that you realize that the statement "addicted to Facebook" actually means you need to get a life Ray...

    I occasionally go onto Facebook, but I really don't see the point of it, other than to see what your family is up to.


  2. Yes, Tom, I'm sure you're right. I do need to get a life.

    And with all of that Facebooking, I'm still not sure what
    the family is doing. Most of the time, I think we're all
    just following that crazy political situation, and maybe
    wondering if we're looking at the lead-up to another
    American Revolution.

    One in which the "loonie-tunes" take over the "Funny Farm".

    We hope not, but from the look and sound of it, the situation
    definitely isn't good.