Thursday, July 28, 2016

Five in the morning...


  1. Well it was 5:30 for me. Lately I've been waking up early for some unknown reason. I get up, read the paper, feed the cats, have a little breakfast and I'm ready for bed again. Oh great one of the west, why can't I just continue sleeping.


  2. You are probably suffering from a common problem of older folks.
    It's called, humorously, "Old Age", and there's nothing funny about it.

    I usually wake up around three in the morning, for a visit to the bathroom.
    Sometimes, I go back to bed, and sometimes I think: "It's now six a.m. back
    east, I wonder what's on Facebook?" - and then my sleeping is over.

    If I do go back to bed, I can usually sleep for another three or four hours,
    until the local world starts to make noises that get me awake again.

    So I suppose I should say "Welcome to the club", except that it's not the most
    joyous bunch you've ever associated with, I'm sure. But I encourage you
    to make the best of it, because it beats most of the alternatives.

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  4. As I've heard before "Getting old is not for the faint of heart."


  5. But as some wit has said, we shouldn't worry too much about it,
    because it doesn't last all that long....

    But we learn to be more appreciative with every passing day.