Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How do I like Win-10 Build 14388?

Color me undecided.

As in I'm using it, but I'm not noticing huge changes. Not that I'm asking for any, you understand. I'm quite happy the way it is. More or less.

I've been asked by Mighty Microsoft whether or not I'd recommend Cortana to my friends. First, let's clear up one misunderstanding here. My 'friends' don't ask for my opinions on their choices of software for their computers. And if they did? If they did, then I'd have to say that whatever works for me might not necessarily work for you, because we probably have different objectives and different interests in mind. So I hesitate to share my opinions unless specifically asked for them.

I like "freebies". A lot. I make it a habit to check out all the interesting freebie programs that I discover on the wild, wild web - and there's a ton of them. Some being much better than others. Some being better than ones you'd expect to pay for, and some being quite unique. A freebie office suite very comparable to Microsoft's Office? LibreOffice. A complete and fully functional planetarium program on your home computer? Stellarium. An excellent photo-editing and graphics-handling program? Irfanview. The best image-splicing panorama-maker there is? Microsoft Research's Image Composite Editor. Free streaming popular movies? Vumoo. Place an image inside another image? Gimp. Complete operating system? Linux Mint. There's a lot of great freebies out there... You should try some of them.


  1. So I guess that it's a no for Cortana then...


  2. Cortana can be a very useful and helpful assistant. You can even talk to it from across the room, to ask it to do something for you.

    But to make it work at its best, it has to be allowed access to all your personal files, and because it is working with cloud-based features, there's no easy way to limit who else may have access to your files in addition to Cortana and yourself. That makes me nervous, so I don't use it.