Monday, July 11, 2016

Oldest Living Blogger babbles on..... (Why not?)

Tom over in New York, in response to my saying I'm spending too much time on Facebook, says "You need to get a life!", and he's absolutely right. I can even remember when I had one of those. I had a bod with nice firm muscles, quick reactions, good eyesight, reasonably good teeth, a normal head of hair, and all the usual stuff: a job, a recent-model car, a nice place to live, an average income, sometimes a 'significant other', sometimes not, and life was not too bad.

I rode my bicycle around the seawall walkway and bike path at our big waterfront park on the edge of downtown, I enjoyed trips on my roadracer-style motorcycle, I had a season's pass every year to the best of our local ski developments, and I knew my way around the downtown club scene when the urge struck me.

And then I got pushed into something they called "early retirement" with 900 other guys, and it turned out to be a termination with certain added incentives which time proved to be not so much incentives after all as it was a books-cooking exercise that screwed me out of half a million dollars in future wages and benefits between then and normal retirement age.
And left me with a shitty taste in my mouth for years afterward, while I was adjusting to life on a poverty-line pension.

The Good News is, I did adjust, and I've now been retired for 28 years, which is 8 years longer than I worked for that outfit that caused the problem. I managed to quit smoking a few years ago, and last year, bought myself a new Dodge with the saved-up cigarette money. It's the first time I've ever paid cash for a new car, and drove it off the lot debt-free. And I have to say that's a hell of a nice feeling. Life's not so bad after all.


  1. Sounds good Ray. I guess you do have a life after all. :-)

    Now if you could cut back on Facebook, you might have a better life. Is that being politically correct or what? Have a great day Ray, just kidding.

  2. It's days later, and I've just discovered this.

    You're probably right about FB, but I lack the willpower to resist
    tossing off pithy pronouncements and erudite observations.
    Shame on me!