Friday, August 5, 2016

Linux Mint 18.0

This is the latest version of Linux Mint, and there are some interesting changes. For example, this one is based on a newer version of Ubuntu, so some of your older programs will probably be removed during installation, and you may wish to either try re-installing them later, or use the newer substitutes for them that will come with this new release.

Another nice thing about this release is that even though it is based on a newer version of Ubuntu, which we're told makes this a major change, I was still able to do an "in-place" upgrade, as we have been able to do with the LM 17 series, which is all based on the same version of Ubuntu. This new LM 18 being based on a newer version of Ubuntu supposedly would make that more difficult. But I did the whole thing using instructions on a website, in combination with Terminal,  the command line program, and while it took some time, everything went without problems, and was quite successful.

When I say "quite successful" I mean that it automatically saved my personal files and pictures and backgrounds from the 17.3, and re-installed those into this new 18.0 without difficulty. There's a video on YouTube discussing installing 18.0 in which the speaker laments the fact that his new 18.0 installation doesn't have his favorite old backgrounds, etc., and I can't explain that. All I can say is that he may have missed something in the instructions while preparing for the installation procedure. There's a couple of things to do beforehand, such as set your Terminal Profile Preferences to allow unlimited scrolling. There's going to be a lot of scrolling as the upgrade starts happening. And you have to read the instructions very carefully, and follow them exactly.  And if you do, then it all has a happy ending.

And before I close this off, I'd like to add that a lot of us are becoming somewhat disenchanted with our Wonderful Windows 10, and even Satya Nadella has admitted that Windows 10 has been a disappointment for them. I'm thinking it may be because I'm not alone in my feeling that Cortana, the personal assistant, is a little too invasive with its need for access to our personal information to let it work as designed. For me, it seems like spyware in a good suit, and I don't like it. The Good News is, we've now got a new release of Linux Mint, with some nice new features. So if you aren't happy with your Windows 10, you know what to do about it, don't you?

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