Sunday, October 16, 2016

In passing...


  1. Oh, my dream for the next life: becoming a helicopter pilot, or a pilot of a business jet.
    Wishful thinking, for, perhaps, "my" next world is a few steps ahead and knows how to warp things. Or they are so far back, that they don´t even know how to fly. We´ll see in a few years. One or two decades, I hope.

  2. I was wondering about this one, because it hovered over the
    main highway near here for several minutes, as if watching
    something below. But there were no emergency vehicles or sirens.
    Then, as it turned more so I could see the side, it looked like
    the door on this side had been opened or removed, possibly for
    using a camera. The other odd thing about it was the lack of any
    identification letters or numbers. I've always thought all aircraft
    had to have their registration code visible on it. That was once
    a regulation, I think.