Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More 'This & That' .....

Last night's sunset, with some treetops blocking the view. This time of year, as the sunset retreats further south along the western horizon, it won't be long now until another part of this building blocks my view of it for a few months. So I'm grabbing all the good sunsets I can, while they are still visible.

That wild and crazy US Election

I've probably been spending too much time on Facebook lately, but that's partly because of the US election. This one is really different. I mean really!

When the most powerful Republican in the Senate says to his troops that he can't support Trump as a Republican nominee, after the party previously picked him, then you know something's really off the rails. And what's off the rails is Trump himself. He won't take advice, he won't play nice with his team, he has no previous political experience in any elected position, and he's like an immature, disobedient, know-it-all adolescent. He would rather talk about sex than what's good for the country, because he has no real idea what really would be good for the country.

Trump brags about not paying federal taxes for years, as if tax evasion is some kind of desirable habit in a country that runs its government on taxes. He makes insulting, derogatory remarks about women, using lewd descriptions. He has at one time or another insulted half the population and many foreign dignitaries, like the Pope and foreign leaders. He's 70 years old, and hasn't yet acquired any of the social graces usually used by the vast majority of people, or if he has, he is being very careful not to use any of them. Not your average candidate for the presidency of a country like the USA, or even a third-world banana republic.


  1. There you go again Ray... Don't hold back!! :-)

    I'm just a simple guy but, I do understand the uselessness of this person. I really would like to know HOW he ever got into this position. He's been like this from the day he was born and just continues on and on and on.

    It'll be a sad day if this, and I use the term lightly here, man is ever put into ANY office, let alone the Presidency.

  2. Hope most, if not all voters are able to think as sensible as you do, Ray.
    Apart from being a Harlekin, which is a good thing, I cannot resist but think he´s also dangerous, which is really bad.
    Imagining the big red button labelled NUKE on his desk really scares me off.