Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Universe? What Universe?

 Suppose this: Suppose there really was a "Big Bang" and that "Big Bang" was actually a Hydrogen Bomb in some alternate reality we can't access or see. Suppose that our expanding "Universe" is really that expanding cloud of radioactive materials and debris from that original blast. Suppose that our stars/suns/nuclei are now therefore in a state of radioactive decay, emitting various radiations including light & heat & other kinds of rays into space. Suppose that the mysterious "dark matter" everyone theorizes about is really made up of those materials from that blast which have already finished their radioactive decay and become stable materials, such as Uranium's decay to Lead-207. And suppose that our "Universe's" life-span of billions of years is only a matter of nanoseconds, or minutes, or perhaps hours in the time-frame of that alternate reality where this all began with that original "Big Bang"...... Just suppose..... Because.... The truth is often stranger than fiction.

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