Friday, January 6, 2017

And here we are, in 2017.....

I've once again received my Christmas present, the 2nd of January, and the hullaballoo of Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Year's is almost over. I say 'almost' because in parts of the world like Russia, this evening is Christmas Eve, and tomorrow, Saturday, January 7th, is Orthodox Christmas Day.

And so, to my readers in Russia,  возможно, я желаю вам счастливого Рождества!

That American election is now history, but the 'fallout' is still coming down.  And it probably serves them right. Only a little more than one-third of them even cared enough to actually vote, but the howls of anguish since would make you think everyone plus their relatives in foreign countries had voted at least once, and possibly more! They couldn't get off the sofa to go to vote, but they can raise a deafening uproar now that their favorite didn't make it.

And those who voted for Trump are soon going to be howling in anguish themselves, when they discover that he's not the sweet lovable guy they thought he was, from his TV work and other businesses. Most people would be smart enough to realize that a billionaire isn't the kind of guy who usually gives a damn about the 'Joe Lunchbuckets' of the world. But they were charmed out of their senses by that constant bellowing bullshit and before they knew it, he had them where he wanted them. 

I found all that a little too reminiscent of the bombastic bullshit of Adolf Hitler, and I hope for everyone's sake that Trump isn't copying Der Fuhrer. The world had enough of that the first time around. But there are enough similarities in the two personalities to make most people very nervous. And learning that Trump has been reading some of Hitler's old writings does not help. I think a lot of people will wish they never heard of that son of a bitch before he's gone.

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