Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Are personal blogs old news? I seriously wonder....

Maybe bloggers are just moving on to newer things, like Facebook, or that other thing, for the thumb-typers who must share every half-assed thought - like the semi-famous Donald Trump. Thirty-five psychiatrists can't be wrong; the guy's a complete mental basket case.... He's doing more to destroy America than the rest of the world combined.

A short music break....

I was tempted to put this one onto Facebook the other day as a comment under another entry, but thought better of it. Here, the rules are not the same....


I came back....... temporarily.....from Facebook.

This began life as a picture in a flier inside today's morning paper, and I wondered what it might look like as a desktop background. So I made it into one. I'm surprised it looks so nice on a 30-inch (76 cm) monitor.

Facebook today is making a fuss about Trump meeting the King of Saudi Arabia, and receiving a medal from him. I wonder what The Moscow Times is saying today....?

Not much about Trump on the first page...... I wonder if there is any inside?

Where have I seen this kind of thinking before? Is the Russian Federation now copying from our American neighbors? I doubt if most Americans, stopped on the streets and asked, could tell you what the Duma is. Many of them can't understand their own Constitution, never mind anyone else's. Russia and America might as well be friends. It is a lot less expensive than the alternatives, and the smart ones know this already.

 Для моих русских читателей - как вы теперь знаете, я все еще жив и здоров и отсутствие записей здесь не является результатом моей смерти.
Благодарим вас за постоянный интерес.