Thursday, August 13, 2015

At the hospital this morning...

I had to rush off this morning, because I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment in the Ambulatory Surgical Center with my urologist, to have a look inside the bladder.
Here's how I described it to a friend in an email....

His receptionist was right the other day, when she said
"about 15 minutes".
That might have been a bit longer, because we got talking,
and while he had the camera in there, he gave me a
guided tour of my bladder. He showed me where each kidney
drains into it, and we had a look at the walls of it, checking
the blood vessels on the surface. There's a few small ones
that he says are irregular in spots, but that's because of the
radiation from my cancer treatment, and he says that's quite
He said my recent urine samples look OK, and he had a look
at the CT scan report, and he says there's some slight
calcification in one spot in the right kidney, but it isn't stones,
and there's really nothing to worry about. He says that's normal
for someone my age. And he says otherwise, everything looks
good, and he can't see any problems. And he's passing that along
to my other specialist who referred me to him. 

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