Monday, August 24, 2015

Autodetect AMD drivers


Tommy said...

Ray, this brings up an interesting question. I wonder how many hardware manufacturers are providing a driver for Windows 10? It usually takes aome time for this to happen...

Ray said...

Actually, probably quite a few.

One of the reasons I showed this, and I should have
included it there, is that I was updating that other
PC yesterday, and Windows Updates reported a problem
trying to install something for the Graphics Card.
The cure for that is to go directly to your hardware
maker's website, and download their own recommended
latest version.

AMD is fairly no-nonsense and has a nice auto-select,
while nVidia gives you a lot of in-your-face promos
while doing its thing. My first PC has nVidia graphics,
and this second one is AMD, so I get to see both.