Monday, August 17, 2015

Half-past August already...

I took the day off from blogging yesterday. Got too involved with Facebook instead. And that's almost totally dominated with electioneering propaganda and the fevered responses to it, which get a little bizarre to say the least.

Some people, including a few politicians, even see evidence of religious prophesies in some of it - "the last days" for example. And just to remind folks about that, they've been talking about "the last days" and "the second coming" since just a few months after Christ's ascension a couple of millennia ago. And we're told that nobody will know when, because only God the Father knows.

And I suspect that God assumes his children are smart enough and informed enough by his word to be able to tell the difference between deliberate lies and misrepresentations and the truth, and to recognize when they are being manipulated by smooth talkers trying to achieve their own agendas.

Moving along here, Harper's Bazaar is in the news for publishing an interview with Sharon Stone, along with pictures of her posing nude in greyscale tones.

And since she is much too beautiful for those greyscale images, I did my thing with one of them, to add a little color, and also to create a nice desktop background set for my old computer, and here's a sample...

And at the risk of seeming conceited, I much prefer my version to Harper's.


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