Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mars today.....

Here's Mars today in Stellarium the planetarium for your computer, from here,
showing its polar cap right where it should be, at the top, and that round light spot right in the center is probably Olympus Mons, the huge former volcano more than 600 km across, and 25 km high. And this gives you an idea how large that is.

And this is Earth as seen from Mars today, with Mars' atmospheric effects removed from the image. We really aren't the center of the universe, are we?

And here we are, looking from here to Mars, again with the atmosphere removed, to show things more clearly. 

Here's a little "space flight" for you....

Earth seen from Venus

Mars seen from Venus

Mercury seen from Venus

And lastly, Earth seen from Jupiter today, and we can't see it from there, because the Sun is directly between us, so from Jupiter, the Earth is behind the Sun, and similarly, from here, Jupiter is hidden behind the Sun. That's why viewing from other planets often gives us a better view, as you'll notice in some of those previous images. This is a great program, and you should try it.

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