Monday, August 24, 2015

This still works in Build 10525...

But you do need the latest version of Shockwave Player from Adobe. And there's a recent update to the Opera browser, too, and it seems to be working better in Windows 10 now. Its previous version crashed periodically. But I like it, and it has some nice features.


  1. Ray, I thought the industry was trying to move away from Flash and moving to HTML 5, which plays video itself.

    I have assumed that Windows 10 would be supporting HTML 5.

  2. Yes, but this isn't Video, it's an interactive game developed
    by the British Museum, designed for two players, and it needs
    Shockwave to make it work. Windows 10 does what you expected,
    but it also does this, and I'm showing it to demonstrate the
    flexibility built into Windows 10.

    You asked me about Windows 10 the other day, and may I again
    suggest you join us Windows Insiders, and enjoy it yourself?

  3. I'm still thinkin' on it and wondering if there is a down side to it.

  4. Maybe have a look at my today's blog first....