Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Windows Theme: Goddess


Tommy said...

According to the a goddess is defined as:

1 a female god (sense 2), a goddess of ancient Greece
2 a woman who is greatly loved or admired, The actress, who is already a goddess in her own country, is finally getting recognition here.

I'd like to add a third just for Ray.

3 a woman that wears very flimsy clothes or none at all

Ray said...

I'm sorry to hear you missed the 'flower power era' and all that
Tarot Reading, and Mary Jane Cookie Baking, and the fascination
with Witchcraft and Warlocks and howling at the full moon, and
all. It was a fun time, and some, like the folks at Luna Press
in Boston, MA, still publish a calendar "Dedicated to the Goddess
in her many guises" (meaning the Moon) and just sent me a polite
request for a donation to help with publishing their 41st Edition
of this annual calendar. And I think I'm going to send in my
donation, too. Not because I consider myself a practicing witch
or warlock, but because it's a lovely calendar, reminding all of
us of interesting times when we were much younger. I'll put an
example page of it on here for you to have a peek at it.

Tommy said...

Well, the books (28 in the series) A Shade of Vampire written by Bella Forrest, has witches and warlocks in them. I guess this counts somewhat. I haven't run across any Goddesses though...