Friday, May 13, 2016

Should I throw out Windows 10 ?

This shows the scan logs for the five days this week, Monday to Friday, and the total is 660 threats detected. That's an average of 132 per day for this week. Microsoft or Google obtaining a few statistics on my operating system uses or surfing habits is one thing, but 132 a day is more than a little excessive I'd say. Nobody needs that much tracking of a user's habits, for any reason whatever. It's simply ridiculous. And not only that, it's clogging up the system and using resources that should be available for other purposes. Purposes like faster starts and quicker reboots and less need to be bombarded with these phony reminders about "You have three or more new Apps that you could remove from your Startup in Task Manager to speed up response times...." 

It's not my "new Apps" that are the problem here! It's this Spyware constantly being injected into the system seemingly by the dozens.


  1. And now the clock pendulum swings the other way..

    How am I to keep up with you buddy??

  2. If I toss out Windows, then I won't have it to provide me
    with material to write about, and I think the world should
    know what's wrong with it, don't you agree?

  3. Sort of a lame excuse, but I can see your logic... I think

    Just color me confused.


  4. It's called "bafflegab"....

    I really am tempted to throw it out, but at the same time,
    I'm curious to see if it actually does survive in its
    present bastardized condition....

    I think Windows 7 was the peak for "Windows" and from there
    on, it's been a downhill slide. It's too full of stuffing
    and fluff, and not enough real meat on its bones now.