Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tommy will think I'm nuts! - Win-10 Pro is back!

I couldn't get the goodies I wanted in Win-8 to activate entirely, because Mighty Microsoft said "Windows 8 is no longer supported." I wonder if they've seen the website for NetMarketShare lately, showing a pie chart that is over half devoted to Wonderful Windows 7. About 52% if I recall correctly, as of last month. So tell me again how fantastic Windows 10 is, please - I dare you!

And the first thing I did after the install finished was to discombobulate Cortana, the most all-inclusive piece off spyware ever flogged on the unsuspecting rubes who blithely grab these freebies and run with them. So my brief escapade down Memory Lane with old familiar Windows 8 came to a sad end. I took the path of least resistance, and re-installed Win-10, which, in gratitude for my noble efforts, promptly fucked up the dual-boot I had with Linux Mint. So for my next act, I have to re-install that, to get it once again into the boot sector from which it can be started. It's all still there, but I can't access it because Windows grabs the boot sector management for itself, thinking, erroneously,  that it's the only thing in the known universe that matters. I have news, Schnookie....

This is the program I'm dual-booting with Win-10 on here, and this one really makes Windows seem like a "work in progress". This is the poor man's OS-X, and as they say, "It just works!" Once you get familiar with it, you appreciate just how well it does work.

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    And reading all your stuff is tending to drive me nuts as well. I had decided that NO Windoz 10 for me, based on your experiences and my knowledge of it myself. So this past week, I read that Microsoft is ending it's free upgrades (in July if I remember right). So I sat on it for a few days going back and forth on it. I have a (I don't even know what to call it, it's a Dell XPS-12 laptop, tablet thingie) computer with Windoz Pro 8.1 on it and thought about upgrading that. I almost hit the enter button a few times, but didn't. My inner voice kept saying 'remember Ray, remember Ray', so I didn't.

    NOW you go and install it. What are we to do with you Ray?? :-)