Sunday, June 5, 2016

Reading Facebook yesterday, I lost it...and I'm glad.

I was reading Facebook again yesterday, and came to an article describing the latest remarks made by American racists directing disgusting insults at Michelle Obama, the American First Lady. And I lost it.....So here's what I said to them:-

These nitwits making all those racist insults fail to realize they are saying a hell of a lot more about themselves and their own faults than they are about the First Lady. Their ignorance and stupidity is confirming to the whole world just what a bunch of assholes those people really are.

For most of my life, and I'm 83, America has loudly, frequently, and consistently bragged to the rest of us in the civilized world, a world mostly much older and more experienced than America is, that America is the greatest nation on the planet and that the rest of us ought to be proud to kiss America's ass for the privilege of shoveling its shit for it. And here you are demonstrating to the whole world what a bunch of ignorant fuck-ups you really are! Americans are so goddamned stupid they don't know when they are well off. They have to go and spoil their best accomplishments with idiocy, racism, and bigotry. Saying "Shame on you" seems totally inadequate as a rebuke. The rest of the world thinks that America has lost whatever sense of decency it ever had, and it didn't have any surplus of that to start with, trust me! Your country began as a penal colony, remember? And it shows!

A couple of examples of the "feedback" I got....

"Well said... just spot on!"

"Ray, you are my hero! Very well stated."

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