Thursday, October 1, 2015

Elections, Bah! Humbug!

Politicians in Toronto are being pressured by the Jewish community to promise to make changes to the Human Rights code and discrimination laws, because their race is subject to increased frequency of certain cancers, which can affect their insurance coverages and employment situations. And our fearless defenders of our rights and freedoms aren't countering their arguments with any suggestions that maybe they'd receive more consideration if Israelis weren't still in conflict with Palestinians in the Middle East. 

But with all that, we in Canada are still nowhere near as bizarre in our politics as our American neighbors. Just when you think that situation couldn't possibly get any further from reality, it does! Politics in America consists of equal parts "Loonie Tunes" and "The Twilght Zone", and most of the heavy hitters are well past their "Best Before" dates. It amazes me that the American voter has been gullible enough to elect some of those almost-functionally-illiterate nitwits. Like that turkey they're talking of making Speaker of the House to replace Crying John. Boehner was no special 'mouthpiece', but this guy Kevin McCarthy is a real piece of work. Rachel Maddow showed a couple of clips of him mangling his speeches today, and it seems like his brain runs backwards, or sideways, or inside out, or sometimes not at all. And we thought 'Dubya' was functionally illiterate. This guy McCarthy is either an Oscar-worthy actor, or related to that other famous McCarthy of yesteryear, Edgar Bergen's dummy, Charlie. And I think Charlie used better diction.

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